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I Think I dreamt of the devil, I need some help on the meaning of my dream?

Ok so I dream more or less every night, I don't watch T.V and if it is, it's SOAPS and I don't play video games.
My dream started off as myself a young mother taking my young child to school on the back of a motorcycle; after some journey and the police were behind us, my little girl jumped of the bike and her face smashed against a lamp pole, littering myself and the police men with blood. Naturally in my dream, I was distraught; after sorting out what happened with the police men and moving the body, it came to night time, they could tell I was feeling a little lonley and had to walk home...so they said "take this sheep with you" , it had a rope around its neck so I could lead it about, I found it a little strange but took it nonetheless, after some time of walking through this really long alleyway and turning lots of corners, there was lots of forrest around as well, the sheep all of a sudden stopped; it would budge, so I said to it; "common' we gotta go" trying to dragg it, when all of a sudden it started to shake, it looked at me in the eyes and transformed into a very large, black straggly goat, some bald patches and raw skin; it had red eyes and a long down face, with two twisted horns; to other people this may have been terrifying, but to me, I wasn't really scared of it, then out of no were, a third horn burst through the center of its head, very crooked and grey. I gasped and dropped the rope and asked; "your not really a sheep, are you?" and it shook it's head, almost threateningly. I then built up some courage and said; "let's not make this hard, i need to go home" so i got on top of it, and after much struggle I rode it, it was kicking its back legs a little, until it threw me off and left me in one of the dark dingy alleyways; I then decided to take it by foot and walk out of there, so I walked a little until I came face to face with the weird demon goat again, but this time it was accompanied by a tall, dark, young woman with dark billowing hair; she looked very Gothic and threatened to kill me, I decided to run, but there seemed to be some kind of protection over me, we ran through all the corners until I got to a grave yard, I walked right into the grave yard with no fear, but she hesitated with the goat by her side; she threatened to kill me and send a curse my way, until I shouted; "NO, YOUR NOT!" and murmured some kind of enchantment and killed her...the goat remained alive, smiled and walked of, which was weird...then I found myself walking through the grave into the modern urban city...being safe once more; I just want to know what the dream means, I have a feeling someones doing black magic against me...and I am also a Tarrot reader and when I read my cards, for the passed year they have been making no sense, up until now, constantly repeating I have a harsh enemy on my tracks...but I just need some advice...

i would say that this dream represents your spiritual life.

1. you start off as a young believer. the child represents being born again. being on the way to school can represent the need to learn how to do that or how to walk in the Lord.
2. being on the motorcycle represents your personal ministry or relationship with God.

3. you encounter some sort of horrible experience which causes you great distress and opens you up to receiving deception...the sheep that turns into a goat. it may be that you think that certain abilities you have are from God but they are really deceptions from the devil.

4. the encounter you have with the gothic woman can be something to show you where all of this tarot and delving into the supernatural realm under the auspices of satan are going to lead you. making him happy and satisfied with the results.

5. i got the impression from the protection you said you felt over you that you are all of this time still being looked after by the Lord even though you are not serving or obeying him and that you will find your way back to him.

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