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I want to go to school in Hawaii, is there families you can stay with?

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I have made up my mind. I am pretty sure I want to go to the university of Manoa... However, I am from out of state, and the tuition is 21,000 some, and dorm expenses are another 8,500. I was contemplating taking out student loans, and getting whatever financial aid I can get, to go to this school. I really want to make it happen...

One of my past teachers suggested maybe I do a home stay with a family? I was wondering if there was something like that, in order to go to school with in state tuition, which is dramatically cheaper!
7,584... about..

Anyone who can give any constructive advice is appreciated. Thanks for helping my dreams come true! : )

The attached article should go a long way to explain why you will find it difficult to find a family with a spare room. You should also know that houses, yards, and apartments on Oahu, in particular, tend to be much smaller than North American dwellings. Also, single-wall construction is common. This means the walls are so thin that the light switches and electrical outlets stick out on top, and neighbors know quite a bit about what's going on in each other's houses and apartments. Look for places where tradewinds from the northeast can enter and exit your room, or you will find yourself waiting until after dark to go home in the hopes your place will cool down by then.

I went to UH Manoa as a grad student. I really enjoyed living at the East-West Center and getting to know people from all over the world. But I couldn't help but notice that the campus was practically deserted by 4:30. A huge university couldn't keep the Burger King and Pizza Hut on University Avenue in business.

The reason out-of-state tuition is so high is partly to provide opportunities for the residents of Hawaii to go to college. They don't have such a pick of campuses they can just drive to. When there are hundreds of colleges in universities in North America that have more rigorous academics, stronger reputations, easier parking, lower costs, and more vibrant campus life, I always wonder why people will spend so much money and travel so far to come here. The liberal arts college I attended on top of a mountain, 50 miles from a shopping mall in Tennessee was so much more fun!

There's no such thing. You either dorm or get an an apartment off campus.

(And it's University of Hawaii at Manoa).

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