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If America is such a great country to live in, why are there no Norwegians trying to get Green Cards?

I was talking to a Haitian cabby and he was telling me how disappointed he was in coming to America. Then it hit me, I never meet anyone from first world countries trying to live here.

Lol, I guess Norwegians are pretty happy in Norway. But there are plenty of reasons, based in both reality and unreasonable expectations, why people would want to live in a "first-world" country. Sanitation, upward mobility, civil rights, etc. come to mind. But everything has its cost, and I'm sure people build up high hopes that the complex real world can't always deliver on. The "American dream" myth (by which I mean the repeated story) draws many people, and plenty of people get disappointed, including plenty of Americans.

Norwegians trying to get Green Cards are in the dozens, at most. However, there are thousands of Americans now living in Norway. Most Norwegians are quite happy with Norway and its standard of living. We may gripe and complain, but that's something you can afford to do when you live in a first world country.

Your premise is false. There are Norwegians trying to get green cards.
"I never meet anyone from first world countries trying to live here."
You should get out more often. Too, the US government publishes data of all requests for visa and green cards. You should read it.

Other first world counties are also great counties to live in and people do not immigrate without a good reason. I know some people who came here from other rich countries but also some Americans who left here to live elsewhere.

They're there, you just haven't met any. Your personal list of acquaintances isn't a valid census of immigrants.

There are only a few countries whose populations are better off- Monaco comes to mind- but there are people moving around the whole world, from first to third, and third to first.

That Haitian cabby, was he going to ameliorate his disappointment by returning to Haiti? Take care !

because Norway is also a great country

Because there are no Norwegians

i dunno.

we take in more legal immigrants every year than all other nation combined.

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