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IF we all vote for Obama, will that mean Martin Luther Kings dream has come true?

I would like to think so.

Sure! at least part of the dream. If we can put race and gender aside, we'll be a better people for it. To my mind, ending bigotry and bringing true equality means admitting that bigotry, like any form of hatred, is born of fear. I think that Rev. King in his lifetime, and Sen. Obama are both asking us to put aside our fear and work for change with courage and commitment. Just my opinion.

No. Martin Luther King was interested in equality and unity, first and foremost. Just because Obama is black doesn't necessarily mean he's automatically perfect for the job. (And he may be, I am just saying that for the sake of argument, just because he is black does not mean he will make a better president than any of the other candidates.) Martin Luther King was a HUGE proponent of fairness. I think he would have wanted the right candidate for the presidency, REGARDLESS of their color.

However, Malcolm X was a bit different---he did not believe in equality, but instead that blacks should rise up and take for themselves what wanted "by any mean necessary". He would vote for Obama SOLELY because he is a black man. Martin Luther King may have voted for him because he thought he was the best man for the job. See the difference?

Not by a long shot. It is a great and fantastic start though. Race relations in some parts of the US are in tatters. We have a long way to go. Just because Obama is mixed does not mean that will be his agenda either. Wait and see.

sorry to burst your bubble

I won't vote for Obama even for 1G, reasom he will screwe up this country more than its been screwed up now.

nah, it just means the economy will be screwed up even more.

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