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IF we all vote for Obama, will that mean Martin Luther Kings dream has come true?

I would like to think so.

It would sure be a start in the right direction!

I don't think all of his dream will have come true until everyone is treated equally. That will take a lot more time, but electing an African-American president would certainly have brought a tear of happiness to his eye.

I don't think so, if Obama wins there will still be people that think he shouldn't be president or that he'll corrupt the country somehow... MLK would be impressed but I don't think he's ultimate dream would be fulfilled. Just yesterday my step father was telling me what a shame it would be if Obama became president... "what will this country come to?" was his exact wording. I think he's an idiot but there are plenty of idiot just like him everywhere.

yes. i believe so because it will be the FIRST BLACK president.

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