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IF we all vote for Obama, will that mean Martin Luther Kings dream has come true?

I would like to think so.

A step in the right direction but until we wipe out the need for NAACP fighting to keep judging based on the color of skin the dream isn't realized.
I am not voting for Obama because of his stands on issues. For everyone who votes for him because he is black is going against the dream. I am not voting for Hillary either and as a woman don't vote for women just because they are women but based on political stances.

Martin Luther King's dream is for equality for all. He faught for african american rights because those people were not beign treated fairly and were denied rights that they were entitled to. I think the fact that obama as well as hilary are running is a step towards equality after all, in my opinion at least, equality means equal opportunities, not equal success. Even though the racial advantages might still be off, i believe that we have come a long way and we don't need a black president to prove that. In fact people who chose their representatives based on color, sex or any other characteristic other than their issues, track record, and moral standing, are obstructing the fight for equality instead of aiding it.


I usually vote democrat, But I will vote for McCain now,

Osam as president Man are we in trouble.

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