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In my dream, a girl in a lime green prom dress was flirting with the guy i like. What does this mean?

He also likes me and has a girlfriend.

It means when you see a girl in a lime green dress, you should take her down.

I think your brain is telling you that it's very obvious that he has a girlfriend so you stay away. The lime green dress is the part that tells you it's obvious.

Green is the color of jealousy.

Prom is an important event, it's like the last big party before entering adulthood.

It's time to grow up, stop the jealousy and move on with your life.

He already has a girlfriend. I think the best thing to do is to tell him how you feel, and you'll be much, much, better.

green= the color of jealousy

you're the jealous type

A dream doesnt mean ANYTHING

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