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Interpret this dream?Only if you really can please.?

This is a really weird dream I had last night it's bugging me and I don't want to pay to get it interpreted.
I only remember certain parts but here it is:

Me, my grade, and a whole bunch of other people were at a camp-like place with tons of cabins. I would be walking around by myself when everyone was going to their cabins or the main building and only a few were walking around. It was night and I did this weird flip thing when I would turn into a bat, ,so I would be flying around when everyone who came outside would get scared and scream and all that, but I was only looking for a certain person and I couldn't find him ANYWHERE. I went behind a cabin and turned back into a human and walked to the side of the place and there was a guy there. He turned into an animal and I promised him I would keep it a secret and then I turned into a bat.
"Cool, you're one too" he said.
Then i flew away (still in bat form?) but thats the first time I saw my actual body(I saw arms and legs) and i think everyone else saw me as a human flying (so I'm not sure at the beginning if I saw myself as a human or bat), I went into the place everyone was going and they talked to me and I had to push off someone to get flying and she looked out the window at me. Once I was outside, I was still looking for the boy and he was nowhere.
I'm not sure if this part was day or night but i remember someone throwing something down and me catching it in the air through telekinesis.
And I think thats it, but I'll add more if I remember.

Another interpretation could be this:

The nighttime scene in the woods (I am assuming this was in the woods; you did not say specifically) represents the unconscious and/or the unknown. Dwellings of any sort usually represent the dreamer's psychological, emotional, or spiritual condition. A cabin would suggest a transitory place; it would suggest a break from your regular routine and a chance to be independent/"let's rough it" type thinking. You mentioned that you were at a campground type place with many others, hence there are many cabins. The fact that you were walking or flying outside the cabins at different points in the dream means that you were functioning outside your current psychological state and entering the world of the unconscious or the unknown. Note that these scenes (outside a dwelling) are the more unusual ones.

Transformation into an animal can symbolize a change from your usual/routine life to a life of instinct/primitive desires/etc. A bat, in particular, can represent rebirth or letting go of old habits; it can also represent you moving into an area where you feel "blind as a bat." Keep in mind what a bat means to you (do you find them ominous, mysterious, unpredictable, powerful, something connected to the underworld, what? do they scare you, do they make you uneasy, do you think they are cool, what?). "Off the shelf" dream symbols can be important, but ultimately symbols are subjective and relative to the dreamer. It is very important here to get what a bat means to you.

Flying represents a sense of freedom from restriction. So changing into and then flying around as a bat implies that you are moving from your familiar way of life into an unknown primitive/instinctual/intuitive/(maybe mysterious or somehow connected to the underworld or another world) way of life and in some way find it liberating.

From your dream, you say that people fear you in this form (as a bat) even though you are not expressing any animosity towards them. Your searching for this man/boy can be the search for yourself. Perhaps you sense, people do not want you to change or fear a change in you as you search for yourself. Or maybe you understand that people are just afraid of the bat (and what it represents: connection to the underworld/another world, perhaps).

You recognize that there are others who are going through a similar experience. When you meet someone with similar abilities or a similar experience, you feel camaraderie but still sense a need to keep everything secret indicating that you do not feel ready to reveal this side of yourself to everyone yet.

Your dream indicates that there was a point where you are flying in human form (you were no longer in bat form but still had its abilities) and people seemed more accepting/attracted to you (people talked to you and you needed to push a girl off to continue on your quest). This would indicate that you somehow assimilated or humanized the powers of the bat to a certain degree and that having the abilities of the bat (animal instinct/desire/freedom/etc) is not enough for you. Finding this man/boy is the more important goal.

The last part of your dream where someone throws you something and you catch it with your mind, may indicate that you've been thrown a clue (since it was caught with your mind).

Hopes this gives you a feel for interpreting your dream.

Bats are a sign of misfortune for the dreamer. "Sorrows and calamities work against you", and a white bat is a sign of death. Seeing bats in dreams can mean literally the death of a friend or family member, or loss of limb, or they can be interpreted to mean the loss of something or someone. Seeing as how you were looking for someone in your dream, and not able to find them, It seems the bat would be pertaining to your loss of this person, whoever he is. Is this a boyfriend or a close friend? Because you are the bat in the dream, and the bat is the bringer of bad news, I would go as far as to say you are probably the cause of losing this person, perhaps you are tired of this person? Are they bringing you pain or discomfort?

Flying also can be a sign of marital calamities, which can definitely coincide with the being a bat. "To fly with black wings portends bitter disappointments." Has this person you are searching for let you down in some way? Done something behind your back? Flying can mean lots of things, depending on how you are flying and where your surroundings are. Also considering everyone was frightened of you, you might be bringing misfortune to your friends as well. And since there was one other bat, he could be disappointing someone you know, but most likely not you, considering you flew away from him, he is probably not your object of disappointment.

Do you remember what it was you caught?

Not everything in dreams always means something. Chances are the iPhone has little meaning to your dreams. When we dream, what we are seeing is basically your brain turning short term memory into long term memory, so you probably saw someone with an iPhone recently and your brain was committing it to memory.

I hope this helps!

you are one of those people who need to realise its the main points in ur dream which are important, the other little things are just what ur subconscious come up with so when you say if you really can, i really can interpret your dream based on the facts not the little things that dont really matter.

To dream of a white bat, signifies death of a family member. To dream of a black bat, signifies personal disaster.

To see or dream that you are in a wood cabin, indicates that you will succeed via your own means. It suggests that you are self-reliant and independent, yet still remain humble. You prefer the simpler things in life.

To dream that you are searching for something or someone, signifies the need to find something that is missing or needed in your life. You may be searching for love, spiritual enlightenment, peace or even a solution to a problem.

To see or use a cell phone in your dream, indicates that you are being receptive to new information. It also represents your mobility.

It's amazing you remember so much. If something like these happens again try to paint it or draw it. Salvador Dali did it and it helped him.

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