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Is a windmill a phallic symbol? I keep seeeing windmills in my dreams at night.?

What could that mean?

Well I know that when something keeps reoccurring in your dreams that your mind is trying to tell you to do something. Like I kept having dreams about tornadoes and my mind was trying to tell me to stop being so angry about little things. I did and they went away. So let's see what Dream Dictionary says about your dreams since a lot of their symbols seem to be spot on (that's why I use them to interpret any reoccurring dreams I may get every once in a while). Ok so this is what they say: "To see a windmill in your dream symbolizes the power of the mind. It is indicative of your emotional state of mind. Alternatively, a windmill refers to your resourcefulness." So yeah I guess your mind is just giving you a mental high five for being in a good state of mind? But that doesn't sound right. What do you feel when you think of windmills? Whatever you feel or think of may represent what your mind is trying to tell you. If you feel anger towards windmills (not sure why but let's just say you do) then your mind would be trying to tell you to chill out and not get so upset because it could be effecting your mental or maybe even your physical health due to the stress. You should learn how to interpret dreams because really the only person that can truly interpret your own dreams correctly is you. You have to look at your lifestyle and your emotional state, things you've been thinking, just kind of evaluate yourself and that'll give you your answer! :). Phew that was a lot to write. Hope I helped! :D

A windmill in your dream is a symbol of the power of your mind and also your emotional state. Consider how the windmill is working. Is it spinning slow, fast, not moving at all

To see a windmill in operation in your dreams, foretells abundant accumulation of fortune and marked contentment To see one broken or idle, signifies continued difficulty coming unawares...

A simple Don Quixote syndrome Reef don't stress it

It means you're either going to paint your house or visit Holland in the near future

Go to the ( dream interpretation category ) might get better answers .

No,snakes are. Perhaps,it says,the winds of time are changing.

No, its a windmill.

It means you have weird and boring dreams.

means you're an incomplete nazi

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