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Is it possible to get night terrors and lucid dreams from antibiotics?

I am on azithromycin for bronchitis. Since taking it, I have had nothing but awful dreams that seem really realistic. I've also had a few lucid dreams where my brain wakes up before my body and it's really scary. I occasionally have dreams like this (because I'm artistic so I have a lot of nightmares), but never this often. I hardly remember my dreams. Could the antibiotics be causing this?

Occasionally, patients have developed delirium, but it is rare. And no reports of sleep problems, bad dreams or sleep paralysis.

Only 10% of bronchitis are caused by bacteria and can be helped with an antibiotic. 90% are viral and resolve on their own in a few weeks. Antibiotics should not be used if bacteria are not found.

Night terrors are generally caused by lack of proper sleep.

It all depends on luck, methodology being adopted and the techniques which have to be learned from an adept Master.

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