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Is my dream weird? I have aspergers - thought some people with autism didn't have a very good imagination?

Weird dream - Please tell me what it means! :o?
It was this ice thing - like a obstacle course - but I was sort of helping - and there was this very badly behaved boy and I was trying to discipline him - to carry on with the course (it was on the ground)

(I was with a stranger) - i saw the bug - (i hate bugs and hated seeing at crawl over - (nearly into) my furry little rucksack - So I didnt want to use my shoe to kill it - (dirty) - but I did any way - and IT WAS RED!

Another part of my dream was me and my sister(i think after this weird ice obstacle thing) - staying - like a sort of holiday - but not a nice one - there was this weird person - who was suggesting dresses for me - very ugly ones - one was a weird snow white dressing up one! - (in my dream 'i was thinking oh no i wont try on that(cause i 'had' previously) :/

In one of the days - there were quite a few other people (it was my relatives party) - and for lunch I had a prawn jacket potato and when it was dinner - I was still full from lunch but had (not wanting to) another prawn jacket potato

it sounds like your dreams are your brain and you just sorting out random things and working them out , sometimes this happens in a random way.
the best interpretor of a dream is the dreamer...you

there are groups for aspergers at dailystrength

you dont seem like you have it very much if at all to me...maybe that is why you have an imagination.

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