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Just had a dream last night. What does this mean dream?

I had two dreams in last night.

The first one goes something like this:

There was this outlaw and we were inside a mall together with my friends and classmates. he was eating in a fastfood chain and there's a knife beside him. he was about to stab me when someone distracted his attention. It was a tall muscular man, a professor in our school but we aren't close and he hasn't been my proffesor at a specific subject yet.

I fought the ugly outlaw and it became unconscious, but honestly most of the efforts came from my handsome proffesor.
I was holding the outlaw with m two hands and the proffessor was talking with somebody, we are waiting for the cops to arrive. I want to tell the proffesor to hold the outlaw because once it gained its consciousness it would beat me up.

I didn't know what happened next in the dream. I cannot remember then I woke up and feel dizzy and get to sleep again.

The second dream was clearer. I have money, 1540 pesos. and I always keep that money, but feel insecure that someone would find it and get it from me so I retrieved it where I have kept it and look for somewhere else to keep it.

My grandmother was being arrested by a police officer because she was child abusing me (and I say "what? that's a stupid accusation") I know she did not but I have the money to bail her, so just to end the chase I let her be arrested. I was the one who placed a silver handcuff in her hands... I know they will be removed soon.

We arrived at the police station beside the department of foreign affairs. My grandmother is being interrogated and she address them with witty answers, it was kind of blurry... their conversation.
I was also busy looking for somewhere to hide my money.
it was my turn to be interrogated. The police officer is dressed as a doctor.
"Since when did they abused you?" The offices asked, now he was with a woman who dressed like a nurse.
"What the? What's your problem? ... I am not child abused. I am child neglected."
Then they traded each other a mysterious look.
"Are you having medications now?"
I looked at the doctor , "Yes I have... I was recalling all the things that happened to my past that I ignored and try to resolve it or make it on a closure."
The doctor looked at me and told me, "You are having a good medication, you have a good doctor."

I was like yeah right whatever set my grandmother free then when I looked somewhere the place changed, it had becomed a school... then I looked again then I was inside a jeepney (filipino vehicle) then it was night time and I see the man I loved practicing with his soccer team... The jeepney is moving so I didnt have the chance to get down and watch him... we just passed by.

I finally arrived somewhere I don't know where, still looking for a nice place to hide my money. My grandmother headed home, I placed the money under art materials... then feel uncomfortable... then when I looked it was gone! then I panicked but I looked further then I saw it again, the wind blew it a little away... so I have my money back again.

I walked some more. Then I saw a couple arranging dried sugar canes (or bamboos I cant distinguish it well).

I know the man, he is a singer, great voice, but he looks very thin... he really does in real life. His physical attributes is unattractive to the extremities.

Then I saw the woman, she is a famous actress here in our country, very sexy and young and beautiful... she's a great actress, but she can't sing.

Then I saw another girl, the woman's friend, it talked to her..." Why are you with that guy? You know the two of you aren't good together! You don't love or like him!"

The actress replied, "He was the only one who understands me, he was there when I needed someone to be with me."

The friend replied, "You are not being yourself, you are using your head more than your heart... that's why you are not happy. Look at yourself."

I was observing them, then a scary old man with platinum white hair was approaching, he doesnt saw me, nobody was actually seeing me... it was a third party dream... the only person who can see the old man is the friend... the old man looked like a ghost but claim to be an angel... a guardian or something. Then the actress has an old woman more pleasant looking as a guardian also... then the two guardians started talking with each other... I can't understand what they are trying to say but it seems that they are having troubles with the actress and the male singer.

I woke up... but I can't remember what happened next in that dream.

You have great dreams!

For the 1st dream, both the professor and the outlaw are aspects of yourself. One part of you (the outlaw) does not want to follow someone else's rules (that is the meaning of outlaw), and this aspect of yourself is potentially dangerous. In the dream, he has a knife, but in your waking life, this part of yourself might hurt you but either cutting you off from yourself, or by causing you pain, or loss of life energy (=blood in dream symbolism). The presence of the knife suggests any of these possibilities for waking life consequences from this outlaw in you.

The professor represents an intelligent, wise, respectable, honourable part of yourself. If he is strong, then that means that this part of yourself is strong, specifically stronger than the outlaw part of yourself, at least right now. A positive dream.

By thinking about using the money to bail out your grandmother, you are (in waking life) thinking about using some valuable resource (such as your time and energy) to rescue (or bail out) what your grandmother instilled in you. That is, the beliefs, attitudes, morals, behaviours, etc. that you gained from your grandmother. The police in your dream also represent part of you, possibly an authoritarian part of you, or possibly a "legalistic" part of you - a part of you that likes to follow rules, possibly also the part that makes the rules you live by. So, to put it together: something your grandmother instilled in you does not follow some set of rules. This is surprising to you, it doesn't make sense ("stupid accusation"). This has been bothering you for a little while (as represented by the chase), but you have finally "let it" catch up with you because you have thought of a way to rescue (bail) your grandmother's values.

You put the silver (valuable) handcuffs on your grandmother, so you are handcuffing those attributes that your grandmother gave you. This is just about tension between those values, and newer rules (as represented by the policeman). It is up to you to decide what you want, the dream doesn't usually tell you want to do, it just tells you what is, and how you feel. It looks like you are deciding, or have decided, to keep grandmother's attributes, because she is free with you afterwards, and you still have your pesos (all of them?).

Yahoo Answers won't take more. I will comment on the rest of the dream in an email.

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