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Meaning of this dream?

I had a dream that there were 3 beetles (scarabs in particular) in my room, and one was a HUGE black scarab, the other was a small bright blue scarab, and the other was also small black scarab. They were crawling around then the huge black scarab started crawling over me and over my face. What does this dream symbolise?

I'm no psychic but perhaps you have an egyptian background and don't know it yet? Any underlying pathological fear of bugs? Scarabs apparently can bite badly, even sometimes dig under the flesh and feed on their host, secreting digestive acid which causes a more painful wound. The fact that the scarabs didn't bite you could indicate some kind of mutual respect. Perhaps you have Egyptian blood after all! Ask your family if there's any history they haven't told you.

Well if you look at things logically then yes, it could be because of Egyptian blood relations. If you look at it in a figurative way then the scarabs could also mean promise of either an obstacle or of a calm time in your life. The big scarab that crawled onto your face without biting you could mean that there will be a long peaceful time in your life, or that something great will come into your life either temporarily or for the rest of your life.

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