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Meaning of this dream ...?

During this dream I was at a basketball court. But I was on the bench. My team was losing 50 to zero so I decided I had to go into help. When I stepped in the score changed from 50 to zero to 50 and 15. In the end I was so good I ended up winning the game for my team.

im horrible ay basketball what coudl this mean?

Basketball as a symbol could mean the game of life itself or juggling things in waking life. The dream could mean that you feel you haven't been given much of a chance in your life to prove yourself (that is why you are sitting on the bench instead of playing) but that when you are given a chance, you do prove that you are valuable and can make a contribution (the score for your team increases to 15).

Dreams don't really have meaning. It is more of a display of human thought. It is what is going through your head, prompted so that you think you see it. Scientifically dreams are odd patterns of thought. Look up the Activation- synthesis hypothesis if you are more interested on a scientific bases. If not, I cannot really help you.

But consider this, all humans think differently, so a sign to one, may mean something much different to another. For instance, in ancient times, some believed the sun was a god, while others viewed it as a demon.

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