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Midsummers Night Dream?

1. What is the setting of Act I.1 of AMND?


2. What options does Theseus give Hermia if she does not marry Demetrius (Act I.1)?

a. She can marry Lysander and leave Athens
b. She must toil as a slave in the olive groves
c. She will be beheaded and her body drawn and quartered
d. She will be put to death or spend her life in a convent.

3. What secret plan do Lysander and Hermia make (Act I.1)?

At the next moon, they will kill Egeus in his sleep
They will disguise Helena as Hermia and have her go to bed with Demetrius
They will meet in the woods outside of Athens and then go to Lysander’s aunt
They will plead their case with Hippolyta

4. What role is Bottom to enact in the tradesman’s play (Act I.2)?

a. Achilles
b. Hercules
c. Pyramus
d. Thisby

5. According to Puck (Robin Goodfellow), why are Oberon and his queen (Titania) quarreling (Act II.1)?

a. Oberon wants Titania’s changeling boy
b. Oberon wants to date other women
c. Titania has dropped love juice in Oberon’s eyes and he is angry
d. Titania wants to rule the fairies on her own

6. Which two characters’ eyes does Oberon want anointed with the juice of “love-in-idleness” (Act II.1)?

Demetrius and Helena
Lysander and Titania
Theseus and Hippolyta
Titania and Demetrius
7. Whose eyelids does Puck anoint mistakenly with the flower’s juice (Act II.2)?

a. Helena’s
b. Hermia’s
c. Lysander’s
d. Oberon’s

8. In what way does Puck transform Bottom in Act III.1?
He anoints his eyes to make him fall in love with Titania
He changes his head into that of an ***
He disguises him as Oberon
He gives him the wings and flying ability of a fairy

9. Which two characters are fighting over their love for Helena (Act III.2)?
Bottom and Peter Quince
Demetrius and Lysander
Oberon and Puck
Titania and Egeus

10. Which two lovers are on stage at the beginning of Act IV.1?
Demetrius and Helena
Egeus and Mustardseed
Oberon and Puck
Titania and Bottom

11. What good news does Bottom arrive with in Act IV.2?
He has found Oberon’s treasure of gold in the woods
He is free of the ***’s head
He is to be married
Their play is preferred by Theseus

12. According to Theseus, what three kinds of people “are of imagination all compact” (Act V.1)?
a. Kings, priest, and soldiers
b. Lunatics, lovers, and poets
c. Politicians, farmers, and scholars
d. Singers, dancers, and painters

13. In the A Midsummer Night’s Dream movie, Bottom is married

14. In the A Midsummer Night’s Dream movie, Helena rides a bicycle into the woods.

15. In the A Midsummer Night’s Dream movie, the role of Thisby is played by a woman.
a. True
b. False

1. Athens, Greece

2. D. Become a nun or get married

3. They are going to get married at Lysanders aunts

4. C.

5. A. The Indian boy.

6. Titania so she will be foolish and Demetrius so he will love Helena

7. He accidentally outs the potient in Lysanders making him fall in love with Helena.

8. He makes him an A**

9. Demetrius and Lysander.

10. I don't have it in my hand so I can't tell you but go to sparknotes and you can find it there.

11. I don't have it in my hand so I can't tell you but go to sparknotes and you can find it there.

12.I don't have it in my hand so I can't tell you but go to sparknotes and you can find it there.

13. If it is the one with Kevin Kline then yes he is. true

14. ok so this means it is that one I reffered to above. so true.

15. true

I suggest you read the play to get your answers. It's all there. Also, the correct title is "A Midsummer Night's Dream". But for # 13, 14, 15 movie questions.
# 13 - False. Bottom is not married at the beginning of the play.
#14 - True
#15 - False. Thisby (or Thisbe) is never played by a woman.

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