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More Dreams About Him...What Do They Mean This Time?

Ok, so maybe you've read my other post about my current dreams about my ex. But in case you haven't, I'll catch you up. So my ex's name is Michael. We still like each other but he has a girlfriend, which just happens to be my friend. He cheated on her with me. She found out and we talked it over. I told her the whole truth and of course, I apologized. She confronted him about it and he lied, saying it was all my fault. She dumped him and me and her are still friends. So my dreams about him are continuing. He called me the other day and at the first 3 times he called, I didn't answer, but then the 4th time, I did. We talked a little, avoiding talking about the past. He noticed someting weird in my voice and asked me was I sleepy because it was around 1am. I said no. Truth was, I was kind of crying because I hadn't talked to him for a while and now all my feelings were coming together. I still love him, but I'm mat at him. Ok, so heres my dream. I was dressed in a mini skirt, a tank top, and high heels. Which is weird for me because I never dress like that to school. We were in the school building, in the hallway. He was coming out of his class and no one was in the hallway except for us. He came up to me and pushed me against a wall. Its hard to describe but he like put his hand on my thigh and wrapped my leg around his waist. Does that make sense? Sorry, its hard to describe. He puts his face near my neck and talks to me. He said, "You think you is sexy in that little skirt" or something like that. A teacher comes out and sees us, but he doesn't care. She stands there yelling at us, but it's like she's not there. Then, i look down the hall and see Chrissy. She's my friend and his current ex. She stares at us. The dream finishes there, though. What does it mean? Another dream was this. I was sleeping, in my dream, and I woke up. I was in this house. I don't know whose or where, but pictures of Michael were all over the walls. Everywhere. I walked down the stairs and saw Michael, but he looked weird. He had like a scar on his eye and was wearing a winter coat with no shirt under it. I said his name, but he didn't look at me. After a while, he did. He had a knife in his hand and he was carving something into a wooden table. I walked down the stairs and looked at him. I got scared and I was confused. I started crying and he just looked at me. I looked around and saw a door and I ran to it. He started running after me. I started screaming like in one of those horror movies where the murder is chasing the victim. There was a door in the basement that lead to go outside and I opened it and ran out and after I got out, crazy guy still chasing me. I saw Michael. My Michael. He was normal and I ran to him to hug him. I looked back to the basement door and the Crazy other Michael was gone. The end. Heres another dream. I was in school and we were outside. A guy named Charlie ran over Michael with a school bus. Charlie is a drug addict and he has failed like 3 times at least. I don't really like him but he was Michael's friend. I started crying and so did everyone else. I was acting though I did't know why. When I got homr, I walked in the door and went to go upstairs. Michael and Charlie were on my steps. Michael had a smile on his face and he was like , "So what's the next part of the mission?" In my dream, I knew what was happening, but like the real me in the real world didn't. I was trying to figure everything out. Next day, we went back to school. No Charlie or Michael. A teacher was crying over Michael and I told her to calm down. Renata appeared. She is an actress from a show I watch. She is a blonde lady about 25 yrs old. She told the teacher that Michael was alove and I elbowed her. Then she hesitated and started talking things. She was like, "What I mean is, I'm Michael. " I started yelling at her about how could she be Michael if she was blonde and had pale, pale skin. The teacher couldn't hear us, though we were right next to her. The dream ended there. So what are all these randoms dreams about him? I still love him, but I' mad. We don't talk much anymore and I'm usually all mopey, thinking about him 24/7. I miss him a bunch. Before he wasn't talking to me because Chrissy wouldn't let him , but now he doesn't have a girlfriend, so theres no exucse now. We use to talk and text everyday until she told him to stop. What's the crazy dreams about? They're driving me crazy. It's enough that I always have him on my mind. Can't he just disappear when I go to sleep? What are the dreams about?

dreams are a recollection of all the things you experience, think about, and feel during the day in a random order that may or may not make sense. All it means is that you are thinking about or seeing him throughout your day. If you are sick of your dreams stop thinking about him. You are mad because he lied to your friend or blamed you for it but if you truly love him then quit complaining and tell him you want to be with him. The kid will say yes because he's obviously an idiot who acts on emotion (no offense). I think if you go with him you will end up getting screwed with and the only thing holding you back from going with him is that you are stubborn and afraid to get hurt. I suggest you forget him cuz hes probably not worth your time, and although you probably know that you don't care because you love him so much anyway. Forgetting someone isn't easy and your dreams mean nothing and you'll continue to have them as long as you think of him. Good luck mam.

If you need anything email me I'm bored as hell anyway.

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