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My crazy dreams?

im going to make a list and if anyone can tell me what anything means i'd great appreciate it..
i dreamt all in the same night:
..trying to save kittens from monkeys cuz they were eating them while i was trying to escape from a dark bedroom..
tossing my pet frog to an alligator in the ocean so it would eat him before it ate me..
a dead swollen human arm landed on shore..
looking at seals and dolphins through binoculars...
my boyfriend made a huge mess making waffles and i was mad cuz he made a mess and didnt even make any for me..
going up and down in an elevator in an unknown school and than taking a test and being trapped in school cuz of a natural disaster happening outside...
whales and sharks...

One set of interpretations, about as scattered as the images presented:

"Kittens" = love, intimacy, tenderness, "monkeys" = stupid or gross humanoid aggressiveness.

"Tossing pet frog to the alligator" is sadness; the "dead human arm" is your own guilt symbol for tossing Froggy.

"Binoculars" = perspective, willing to understand.

"Looking at seals and dolphins" = looking at Christ-symbols in the sea of human emotions.

"Bf being self-ish" = no love for you (your dreaming conscious, which is your waking subconscious, dramatically opines), and "messy" = anti-Mother.

"Elevator" reflects changing scenes in your dreamscape (i.e., kittens, monkeys, frog, aliigator, seals and dolphins, waffles).

"Unknown school" = no dream awareness of having been in a School of Light ("Watch Your Dreams," Colton, and "The Masters and Their Retreats," Mark Prophet, provide good insight into these).

"Test" = mental-emotional response and learning re your dream and School experience; being "trapped" in school due to natural disaster = dream consciousness necessary for processing information which emotions (in everyday world kittens, monkeys, etc.) are "disasterous," i.e., like Shakespeare's "unusual weather" symbols.

"Whales" = mother symbol; "sharks" = false or misleading information and/or teachings.

In sum, your inner childlike love, caring, etc. is as your kittens, your dark bedroom is as your cradle or place of origin, and the monkeys are like childish greed, lust, envy, jealousy, which would seek to devour your inner child, turn it into a selfish childish disaster.

While your parents champion your inner child, and heal your childishness, as you mature, you learn to do the same. Looking at Christ-symbols is a good clue. It is likely you are being given inner telepathic helps from Angels. Asking God to heal, teach, guide, and guard you while your body rests, is good, as exercising your ability to ask and receive permits more intercession.

Wow! You know, dreams like this are just your fears and anxieties working themselves out. It sounds like your life is going through some changes and you are worried about how things will turn out.
Your subconcious speaks to you through dreams, but it's a code...it's all symbols.
If you meditate on the symbols and let your mind make associations you will see what the dream is about.
If anyone tells you what a dream means, the test of accuracy is whether it rings a bell for you. If it doesn't "click" for you, that's probably not what it meant.
There is no such thing as a "Dream Dictionary" because dreams are very personal.

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