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My kid napping dream means?

Okay, i had this dream in the winter but it still haunts me kinda, gives me shivers when i think about it. So me and my friend were walking on a road (new england) and we were chatting and laughing. and i said to her i saw a t.v program of this kid napper that drove my kids and kid napped them and put them in there van ( i think we all know those "kid napping vans"). Then after i said it, about 5 mins... a car starts slowing down next to us, so i instantly yell and tell my friend to run. I'm a runner so i guess i somehow outran a guy that was chasing me. meanwhile my friend was taken and shoved in th car. As i was running through the woods i came along a house and started yelling and banging on the doors and windows, no one was home. then i see that car (which my friend got kidnapped in) pull up in the driveway so i instantly start running again. I guess i fell the passed out because next thing i know i was in the front seet of that car. One of the guys was in the back seet leaning over to try and touch me.. but then i crouched down under the dash board. i got so frightened i awoke right then. what do you dream gurus think my dream means?

dreams don't always necessarily mean something, they are just your brain working when your asleep. but here are my theories:

running: perhaps you are running away from something right now. ex: you're ignoring family problems or work/school.

kidnapping: you aren't expressing yourself or you are hiding something about yourself from others. Embarrassment. I say this because when a person kidnaps another, they take away their right of freedom aka hiding/masking their freedom.

that is what comes up in my mind. but dreams can mean so many different things! hope this helps.

loss of control. You feel victimized. Basing it down to general symbols is always helpful

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