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My stepdaughter doesn't like/respect me and can say very hurtful things?

My stepdaughter lost her mom when she was 10 so I know she's still grieving that loss and doesn't like to see her dad with another woman, but we've had some extremes with her. Like the fact she told my husband she had dreams of me dying and was so happy. She even told him she would be happier if I were to die. She refuses to have anything to do with me and you can take away her freedom and possessions all you like, her hatred of me is stronger than her need to go out with friends or do anything fun. Her school has called my husband and myself several times because she's written long rants about how much she hates/despises me while there and has even read some out to the class. A year and a half ago or so, my husband put her into counseling and since then she's seen 3 different counselors and all have them have said she doesn't even try. She says what she wants and doesn't want to listen. My husband has told her she has to show me respect and to stop saying the nasty things she does say about me. Then he had a heart to heart with her and asked her why she hates me so much (this was after what we thought was a breakthrough) and she told him it's because he married me. Wasn't her mom enough? You see, her moms mom was widowed for decades and never dated/remarried and she believes her dad should have done the same if he loved her mom and her views on that mean she hates me with a fiery passion. She's 15 now and things continue to worsen.

Be kind and civil to her coz 2 wrongs dont make a right. Hopefully she will grow out of it in another 10 yrs or so aaahhhhh.

Just wait, she posts on here constantly and the two of you can battle it out here.

Or you can find a new way to troll.

its time for the "im not trying to replace your mother, just trying to be your friend" talk.

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