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On kingdom hearts 1 where are the hidden dream weapons located?

and wat i mean iz the dream sword,shield,and staff.And if u can iz there supposed to be a hidden organization person in hollow bastion?

There is no keyblade named Dream in front of it for Sora. However there is Dream Shield for Goofy and Dream Rod for Donald.

Dream Shield:
You get this weapon for Goofy through White Mushrooms. I think you know by now that if you correctly cast three spells in a row for a white mushroom, they give you rare items. However, if you cast the same spell three times in a row, then the items you receive will change. Any item automatically becomes an Arts item for the specific spell you used, for example if you cast the Fire magic three times in a row for a white mushroom, you get a Fire Arts. Collect all 7 Arts items and talk to Merlin for Goofy's Dream Shield.

Dream Rod:
This weapon of Donald can be obtained through levelling up your magic. All 7 spells you obtained must be upgraded to the highest level, for example Blizzard must be upgraded to Blizzaga. After you have all spells in the highest level, talk to Merlin to get the Dream Rod.

uh the Dream weapons.

there's no such thing as a Dream Blade.

Dream Rod (staff) is obtained from Merlin once you have obtained all the spells at their final form (ga)

Dream Shield is obtained from Merlin once you have obtained 1 of all 7 Spell Arts items.

Spell Arts are items dropped by White Mushrooms when you cast the same spell 3 times when the mushroom tells you to.

For instance. If the white mushroom shivers, cast Fire on it. Wait for it to shiver again, cast Fire a second time. Wait for another shiver. Cast Fire a third time, it does a dance and tosses out a Fire Art and a bunch of other stuff.

Some Spells, like Stop, you have to be with a certain group of White Mushrooms to get. For more info on those go to gamefaqs

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