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Please answer what this dream means!?

I had a dream and 3 girls were walking down a school corridor. They looked about 16. The one on the left was tall tanned and bright brown curly hair. The middle was me and the one on the right was well a bit lyk missy elliot one of those people you don't want to mess with. We all wore white tops with pink jackets and short black skirts and high heels. We jsut kept walking and the occasional air kiss to guys passing by. It seemed so real, I'm 13 so i'm not so sure about dreams could u tell me wat it means please

Don't let anyone tell you what your dreams mean, they are symbols of what is happening in your life. They are precious to you and no one else. Only you can truly know what your dreams mean. If i had dreamt your dream, i would think that the three girls represent the type of person you are, maybe who you would like to be, or maybe even that you are stuck in the middle of these girls?. Remember to think what each of the girls could symbol and apply it to your own life.

not to worry. you are just growing up. dreams can at time feel very real but in actuality they are not .it is just the nature of dreams. just enjoy being 13 for right now and don't try to grow up to fast. it will happen soon enough.

Did you just watch the movie "Grease"? Sounds like you were the Pink Ladies...

interesting. just sounds like your in a hurry to get older. you must watch that lipstick jungle show

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