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Question about a dream i had?

so i need someone to tell me what this dream means.
here the entire dream
OK so i was walking threw the forest with my best friend. all of a sudden a fox came outta the bush with a burrow under it. i began to be frighten but saw the fox was trying to get away. we stayed there and i was in amazed. see foxes are common where i'm from and i was in the forest behind the house where i grew up. the fox came back thought and started "hopping almost skipping" right behind me and i began to be scared and ran a little bit more of a quick shuffle until i ran up a tree that was knocked over and i realized it was following me almost like a pet would do. the fox was a glossy but yet faded black with a reddish tail.
when i finally got all the way up a big knocked over oak the fox sat on a branch across from me and then i looked at the fox puzzled. i woke up after that and couldnt go to sleep i had a feeling like it meant something but i don't know what so do you?

Do you play World of Warcraft, Nighthawkjr? The fox in your dream behaves exactly like a hunter's pet that has been tamed in that popular game.

But that is beside the point - the origin of the image does not have much affect on its meaning. The dream means that you need to accept the characteristics of the fox and embrace them as part of yourself. Another way of saying the same thing: the fox represents a part of yourself that you have been afraid of. It is time to accept those qualities in yourself.

Foxes are known for being clever and adaptable. They are small predators, but survive and thrive when larger wolves and other predators die off. Foxes adapt quickly to changes in their environment, and learn to thrive in suburbs and cities where they are common yet very rarely seen.

So, Nighthawkjr, you have moved from someplace else - your natural environment - and you might be having a tough time in a new country with a new language, customs and expectations. Your dream is telling you to be like the fox. Be clever, be smart, live by your wits. Don't deny your abilities: you can be the survivor.

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