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Recurring dream meaning?

I have been having the same dream about once a week for about a week or so for about the last year. The dream comes in two forms. One of it is where I am punching someone that is in my life over and over but it doesn't hurt them or affect them or I miss them completely. The second form that it comes in is where I get extremely aggravated at something and I start to punch everything around me but I end up breaking my arms. Does anyone have an idea of what this dreams meaning is or what I should do about it?

I studied dreams for 4 years and if it's recurring more than likely something has occurred, there's someone who aggravates you who it seems you can't touch, I used to have a very similar dream, I went to anger management, I never did have an anger issue but the dream was a sign of anger. So if you don't wanna go the anger management way, Find an object to just completely brutalize , I promise it will help, maybe not immediately but it will help soon.

Hope I helped :)(:

If the person you're punching is important to you then maybe your dream means that you are trying to help them but with everything that you try to do you're efforts have no effect and everything you do brings yourself deeper into the middle of this problem.

If you hate, dislike, or are annoyed by the person that your punching it may simply be that you want to hit them but think that if you try the end result will be more negative than positive or you may even think that this person is better than you at something and you don't want to admit it and are angry at it.

No one knows your life better than you, it is very likely what I wrote sounds completely absurd to you, you are the most qualified person to answer this question, chances are you already know the answer...

What are you mad about? whatever it is.. you need to calm down because both your dreams indulge you into fighting and the reason you cant hit the object in your dream is because whatever your fighting or struggling with in your life, your not going to win... so you should try to figure whats bothering... until you do your going to have this dream more often!

it sounds like you are angry or are holding a grudge against someone or something.

It sounds like they don't know you are mad or anything you try to do to retaliate doesn't affect their mood or how they feel towards things.

breaking your own arms sounds like, the more you try to hold the grudge or anger, you are just hurting yourself. Maybe your own health.

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