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Reoccuring dream meaning?

This dream has happened the exact same way a few times to me so far. I'm driving in the car with my mother and up ahead (it's like half a foot, but the car seems to be going 1/2 a mph so it takes a while to actually reach it) I see a cliff with no side railing to stop the car. As we get closer I see we are not turning at all and are getting a bit close so I say to my mother "turn the car" she responds with "I know". She begins to turn but she doesn't take the turn tight enough and we drive off. While we are falling my mother begins screaming, while I always sit there calmly looking around. I never hit the ground I just keep going. I always end up sitting in the car thinking for the rest of the dream as it falls. Also, when we are falling sometimes I see myself in third person, and then when we are falling, for just a few seconds it does a sorta side shot of the car falling. It's weird because everything is so detailed, and the car looks like a 1970's Cadillac kind of car, the paint is a faded lime green color. Never in this dream do I ever see my mother in the car though, I only hear voice. I'm not really into this dream interpretation stuff but I'm just a bit curious as this has happened a few times now so I might as well ask. What do you think about this?

It means it's time for you and your mother to stop watching "Thelma & Louise" together before bed each night. Enough is enough!

I have always enjoyed trying to figure out what dreams mean, but sometimes a really funny dream will pop up.

Rule #1 about dreams: Not all dreams mean anything
-Dreams can be formed from
--the subconscious as it takes all the information from the day, blobs it all together, and makes a "summary" of it with or without other summarys it has made.

--the conscious and subconscious mind putting both of their information together in a visual form.

the first way usually just tells you how you feel about what is going on and what you should do about a situation, but you generally already know about this decision

The second can be like the first, or could be completely random and mean nothing.

The first thing that I must note is that this is a female voice, this voice may not actually be your mother in the dream unless you can see her.

IF this is your subconscious, then I would have to guess that you don't trust your mother, or that she makes poor decisions all the time, and that you live with her. Her choices or actions make you nervous or impact you greatly, and you feel that your future COULD be impacted greatly (could because it may not happen at all, but that it is a possibility).

Advice, if you don't trust your mom or she's making bad decisions, either find a way to move out, or find a way to help her out to make a good decisions and make her more trustworthy. (of course if it is her, for all I know it's your GF, BFF, Grandmother ect.)

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