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Reoccurring dream question, what could it mean?

So for the past week or so I've been dreaming that I am in a date with this girl from my english class. We haven't really talked much and in the dream we just hold hands and hug (lmao cheesy) I don't think I like her, I mean she's pretty and all but I have a girlfriend whom I love. I'm just confused, why am I dreaming with this other girl?

Your dreams are currently in conflict with the emotions in your waking life. This is why you seem to be questioning them. If you didn't, they wouldn't be dreams. If it is a fact that you are dreaming about this girl, it is because, somewhere deep into the pit of your emotions, the heart inside your dreams is in love with the girl from English, while the heart in your waking life already has a girlfriend. Do not over analyze this. If this is making you feel uncomfortable, tell yourself every night before you go to bed that the girl from English is not who you love. Eventually your dreams will hear you, and you will have control of this problem.

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