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Sites or answers on dreams?

Does anyone know any good sites for finding out what your dreams mean?

Or does anyone know what this dream means?

I was moving into a new house. It was near to where I live now but it was tiny and really run down. Every time I went back to the house it grew and the quality increased, until I ended up with a very big house and entertainers performing. When someone asked me where my mom and dad live I pointed at the house which I actually in real life live in now.

What could that dream mean?

All answers welcome!

Thank you x

great dream and question!

dreams are kinda tricky to interpret... a house to one person might mean something different to another and add to it they might mean something to your sub-conscience self that is a slightly different than what it means to you

that said

on the surface your dream appears to mean growth.. in age, maturity, understanding...
the fact they start small as you move thru your dream into very large seems to signify a comfort level, confidence and the growth in material things possibly

you are growing up and away at the same time
coming into your own so to speak
but scared at the same time
more than that though
you are adventurous and daring enough to continue and pursue your dreams even though it means moving into the shabby dwellings
and you are able to no one matter where you go in your mind at least you are rooted enough to always know where you were.. and never be too far from where you started or from family

hope this helped
thanks for taking the time to read this
good luck
have a great day!

To me it sounds like you are starting your own life from your parents. LIke it started out like a bad idea, you were scared of pulling away from them, or you life wouldnt have had much quality without them influencing you but now its a good thing to have your own life and your growing up.

You will get a new life ; at first it will be slow but it will pick up speed and a great success is yours

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