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Strange childhood dream? Always wanted to know what it meant. Help...?

When I was little (around 6 I think) I used to have this dream. It was really often, always pretty much identical. It involved me, my mother and my grandma on my tricycle (lol xDDDD;) in my lounge room, which (in my dream) was very dark and flooded with about a metre of water. There were piranhas in the water but they didn't attack... We just kept paddling around like a steam boat. It was really strange, but I'm sure it had some meaning. ): My grandmother passed away around that time too, so maybe it has something to do with that? I don't know. Anyways, thanks! :D

I am quite sure that the dream was not one telling the fate of your grandmother. There are myriads of sites which will explain these things but you will have to look at the objects in isolation.
1. Boat.
2. Piranhas.
3. Mother and grandmother
4. Flood in the home.

Try and pick out what you thought were the most pertinent parts of the dream and research those parts.

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