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Strange reaccuring dream, what does it mean?

I keep having this dream where a raggedy ann doll is looking through my window at night with a pair of binoculars. She's not looking at me, but looking at my bathroom door. She is also standing on my window sill (shes on the outside) And when I get out of my bed, and look at her she runs away into these bushes into the swamp, and then I wake up, and then the next night I'm afraid to go back to sleep because I'm so afraid of her. What does it mean>? It's scaring me!

Here is a thought from left field, take it as you will.

According to your own description, the Raggedy Ann is not a threat. She's not even looking at you, she's looking at the bathroom door, and runs *from you* whenever you notice her.

And while the doll isn't exactly an animal per se, it moves on its own and acts on its own, so for dream purposes, it is animate, and can be used to represent a *thought* or memory.

So...did you sleep with a ragdoll or stuffed toy when you were younger? Was it like a security thing, because it seems like the ragdoll, creepy though it may be, is actually *watching your back*. It isn't watching you, it is watching the bathroom door, remember?

Is there something about the bathroom that threatens you enough to *bring back* your old security things from your earlier childhood? You also mention a swamp in the dream, which I think matters because well, swamp water *stinks* too, just like a toilet does. Is that your fear of the ragdoll talking, or something else?

Sorry to ask so many questions here, but it seems like you're distracted. The doll isn't a threat to you...chances are you brought whatever it means to you *to the dream yourself* so you don't have to spend your dream-time watching the bathroom door *yourself*...so, why would you? Watch that bathroom door that is?

As for the binoculars...they could mean a few things. Ragdolls have button eyes, so their "vision" might not be good (hey! it's a dream, sometimes the logic gets weird.), or it could just be a sign of *seriousness* that the doll isn't just passively looking, but actively *watching* with a tool at hand.

But yeah...I think you get the picture here. Try thinking outside of the box of the dream's immediate face-value imagery while you're awake, see where it goes. I know, it's scary, the dream *is* a reminder after all that there *is* an ongoing threat of some sort to you...

But I doubt it is the doll. If it were she'd be interacting with you and not doing anything with the binoculars OR that bathroom door, right? Just saying...

Hope this helps, and if the doll (or anything else in the dream) becomes too much to cope with, you might want to talk to someone older, and more professional, in real life about this.

dreams talk in symbols. The trick to figuring them out is to know your symbols. Sounds to me that your on the outside looking in. Have you found yourself in a knew situation? New school or job or town? Not part of a group or feeling left out?Don't be afraid your dream is trying to help you deal with something in your sleep that you don't or can't face awake.

means you are human and have a problem that you are trying to hide from are you afraid of someone in particular do you think someone doesn't like you talk to someone you can trust about whatever it is that is bothering you off hand I would say that the person is female and you feel they are after you from a distance but you feel like they might be coming after you might just be your mind playing tricks on you too you had a bad dream one night and can't let it go

You have deep seated anxiety about your identity. Some early trauma has caused you to feel some fear. Please seek counseling and that will help you find the rest you need. Don't be afraid. The dream is just a pattern of images telling you that there is some issue within you about being female.

Their is something definitely coming down the pipe for you,I don't know where you stand in your journey with the lord,if it were me tonight I would say my prayers ask god to move from your mind heart that thing which seeks to keep you in bondage.

Is there something bothering you at the moment to cause you to have the dream?

It means stop watching so much violence on television, and computer. Especially avoid watching horror movies.

wow scary convince ur self that the doll is'nt real

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