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To the magic users two sides thats how i feel does the mean something?

i am a gemini lately and i have been having dreams the i am walking with a guy and he hands me somthing it is a flute in two does that mean somthing?element wind number seven color gold

a flute is an instrument to create beautiful art that can only be heard, not exactly seen or felt... a flute in two is like two different ways of making the same music, or two different outputs of the same effort.

interpreting dreams for other people is difficult because everyone has different personal meanings. what EMOTION does this man create in you? he is a provider, so maybe in your future you will encounter someone (not necessarily male) who makes you feel the same way as that man did in your dream... he will present you with an opportunity that will force you into a choice. just remember that whichever path you take will be the right one (lol i wish all MY choices were like that!)

unless one side of the flute looks different from the other. then it changes the meaning to one good choice, one bad choice. rely on your friends for advice.

Broken flute. Broken wind? Did you fart in your sleep? lol
Maybe it's your 'calling' to make 'beautiful noise'.
But your instrument needs assembly.
And someone else gave you the pieces.
Yellow is the color associated with the element Air.
Flutes are also a phallic symbol.
And a guy put it in your hands.

by "flute in two" do you mean one flute broken into two pieces, or an intact, bifurcated instrument? The latter is a Pan flute, perhaps your dream is from him.

hm mm...maybe the guy that you are with in your dreams is your soul mate that he is a musician or a guy who likes music...

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