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Toilets: Would this buy votes in the U.S.?

It has in the past.

While the word toilet makes people snicker like little boys, public sanitation played a vital role in hundreds of US elections.

Toilets mean less dead children. Toilets mean less people disabled by parasites.

It isn't as sexy as parading around a nuclear weapons program like a surrogate phallus, but a leader who is dedicated to saving lives is one who needs to be supported.

We already have toilets

But you can buy votes in the Socialist Utopia of Venezuela if you promise Toilet Paper

Stools no it wouldn't houses have them or at least a window.


I guess it's better than Chicken!

I hope so. People need a private place to sit and think and dream.

yes - flushed with success

sophisticated matter. search from the search engines. that will may help!

only if they were full of sh*t like the politicians.

In hillbilly country it would.

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