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Very unsettling dream about car crash?

for me this dream seemed really real at the time, because it started off that i had been sleeping in the car. [so it felt like i just woke up.] i woke up and my mom had driven to los angeles. [i live in new orleans.] we were just driving around trying to find a place to go and have fun. i wanted to see a museum or something, and she wanted to go to the beach. while we were driving, there was a break in a bridge and our car hopped down under the bridge to a parking garage [we were fine, though] but my mom must have been distracted because there was a staircase in front of us [while in the parking garage] and i kept saying "MOM MOM MOM!" because i knew we were about to crash and once we hit it it looked like we went straight through it but we really were dying. i started crying and my last words were "we're already dead." for a tiny moment i felt my bones cracking and thought 'maybe i'm just hurt a little' but i died and it went black and i woke up.

it really worries me because in a car crash i don't ever want my last words to be "we're already dead." i'd rather them be something like "i love you" or something. and i don't know WHY i had this dream. yesterday my mom was home from work late and i guess i was scared that she had been in an accident or something. could that be the only reason for it? what does this dream mean?

feel free to ask for clarification.

I don't have a clear interpretation for you at the moment, I will have to get back to you on it if I come up with something more after thinking on it awhile. I have starred it for some of my contacts to look at as well. The one thing I want to get through to you right now is this, this dream is NOT a prediction of a future event, and if your mom should happen to come home late, DO NOT spend your time fretting that something horrible has happened, do something nice like start dinner for her, or do your homework or whatever to keep your mind off it til she gets home. This dream is about something that is going on either between you and your mom, or something that is happening to both you and your mom in the present, and your feelings about the situation. While I don't have a clear interpretation right now, I do have a few ideas about it. Looking at this imagery, it looks like you and your mom have been having a hard time lately. It appears that you and your mom are going through a time of transition together, and that you are having a hard time getting through this transition. That your mom wants to go to the beach suggests that the situation is of an emotional nature. It seems to be causing you quite a bit of anxiety at this time. With you and your mom together in this situation and your mom in the driver's seat, the imagery makes me wonder if your dad is still at home, or if he has divorced your mom or died? It seems to be about a stressful time of transition that you and your mom are going through together, but you have been having a hard time negotiating it. In this dream you are with your mom in search of having a good time somewhere, but the path to get to a better time is filled with obstacles. Instead of making forward progress over the bridge, the bridge is out. The car winds up in a parking garage, again a symbol that progress is not being made, and then you come to a staircase, and instead of going up or down the staircase, you crash into it. Some things are out of your control, and up to your mom to work through or handle. Your mom is the one in the driver's seat, and seems to be "driving" your anxiety. That you tell your mom that you are already dead may be a good thing though. Even though you have been running into obstacles, Death is also a symbol of a time of transition in your life, and a symbol that means something coming to an end so that something new can come into your life. Death is a symbol of resolution for the most part, not a dire prediction. That you and your mom both die, and you tell her you're already dead suggests that you are for the most part working through your situation, and about to come out on the other end of it. I can't say for sure, but looking at this imagery, it seems that you may be coming to closure on the situation, but perhaps your mom isn't quite there yet, or you think she isn't. That you want to go to the museum suggests that for you the situation is "history". That your mom wants to go to the ocean suggests that she still has quite a lot of emotion to deal with. That your bones break in the car crash suggests that you feel a little helpless to get your mom through the situation. That you started the dream awakening from sleep during the ride could be that you are unaware of some of the things your mom is going through, and have awakened to it, or that you are sleeping at the beginning of the dream could be a metaphor for death, which again could indicate a readiness to get on to something new. As for saying I love you at the end of your life, say it whenever, however, and to whoever you can, while you can.

Edit: Wow. Well that certainly is a huge and tragic thing to try to overcome, and you are doing an admirable job of trying to keep connected to what's left of your family. Your mom, well, there isn't really anything you can do about that, but of course you already know that. She will do whatever she will do. Keep your sights on the future, it's perfectly understandable if you don't want anything to do with your cousin's wife and stepdaughter, but of course there are the rest of his children to consider, and other relatives you would want to see. It's a shame that you don't get to see the people you want to see because of it, about all you can do is keep your sights on that you will be out on your own one day, and can move forward to connect with your family members apart from your mom. I'm sorry to hear that you are coping with such a tragic loss.

That is really weird and a bit unsettling, i have no idea why your last words would be that you kind of sounded a bit zombie like. You probably had the dram because you couldn't stop thinking about your moms car crash and you may have said were already dead mostly because you cant control your dreams and what you say and maybe because, correct me if Im wrong, but you could've thought that your mom was dead when you first heard about the crash.

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