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Wat does dreaming about a baby mean?

I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I can't get out of my head. I normally don't remember dreams so well of for this long so I'm assuming that maybe I'm trying to tell myself something.

It was a baby boy, maybe two months or less, wearing a green and light green striped onesie. I knew he was mine and though I knew it was a challenege to take care of him (changing extremely messy diapers, trying to carry him into Walmart, closing a car door while trying to keep hold on him and grabbing a basket to put him in while trying not to drop him) I enjoyed it. I stuck it out no matter how difficult it was to me. I've taken care of my baby cousin mulitple times and that overwhelmed me so I know it's not telling me to have a kid.

My little sister enjoyed him being around and always asked questions and though my mom didn't say anything she supported me and I think even helped me out financially though I would never want her to. Around the end of the dream I was actually starting to enjoy it more then I woke up and felt kind of sad.

From all that I gathered so far there's some creative idea that I should probably put more focus on. If so, I know what the idea is, but I need more info. I've never had a dream that's stuck with me like this before.

It depends on the context of the dream. Babies can mean new & greater responsibilities, new beginnings, new ideas, new projects, your hopes and fears for the future, your creations, actual real children...

I think you're off to a good start in your interpretation.

You say you have a creative idea that you need to put more focus on. Then in the context of your waking reality, your dream means that in order to focus on this new creative idea (the baby) you're going to have to juggle your daily responsibilities just as you manuevered w/ the baby in your dream. You know that even though that it will sometimes be difficult (messy diapers, trying not to drop the baby while closing doors and shopping), you believe that this creative idea is worth pursuing & you'll enjoy working on it.

Your family will support you in your endeavor and they won't interfere (sister enjoys baby, mom doesn't say anything but is supportive emotionally and possibly financially if needed).

the ending of the dream shows that you were starting to get comfortable w/ managing your day to day life while taking care of your creation.

your dream is telling you to go on and pursue whatever it is that you're planning. You have realistic expectations of how it will impact your life and you have the skills necessary to make it happen and be successful.

It is true that a dream of a baby can mean a new responsibility, a new job, a new creative project and other new things. But that is only a range of possibilities and probabilities. If we want to be more certain we must look at the underlying FEELING we had in the dream. You are making it very plain that this was a BIG dream. The fact that you usually don't remember your dreams that well or for such a long time most certainly means that the dream is about a real baby.

You have seen your future baby; there is absolutely no doubt about that. You see dreams are about the future even though western science is not sure about it. There are too many dreamers on Yahoo for instance who constantly report having dreamt the future. I have seen dreams coming true all my life. So be happy! You will be the mother of that lovely baby boy! Before I had a boy after three girls, I too saw him as a two month old baby in a white jump suit. That came true to a 'T'.

Here my little story ;; At 20 yrs I dream of having a baby boy . He was SO beautiful ; and I love him SO ,much ; when I woke up ; I would have give anything in the world to have this baby with me ; but it was just a dream ; but I had never been able to stop thinking about this baby . At 25 ; I had my first child ; he was that beautiful baby I had seen in my dream 5 yrs earlier . Still today [ I am 68 yrs ] this dream is very clear in my mind . IS it the same for you ? YES its a possibility

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