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Wat does my dream means?

I had a dream dat I was chasin a mouse with a broom and in da middle of the chase the mouse turned into a dog so I started chasing the dog out of the house and wen i managed to get the dog out to the street it turned into a beautiful woman. It was wierd but cool. Wat does dis mean?

Dreams could really mean anything, they're what is flowing in your mind when you are asleep.

But, it could possibly mean...

You're chasing someone/something/guilt out of your life (that's the mouse/dog) and when they finally left your life, you felt innocent/beautiful again.

But like I said, dreams could mean anything. I had a dream once that me and Tony the Tiger saved our school from a blue moose killer...with a lamp. XDDDD

Hope this helps, good luck!


too much drugs and alchohol.

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