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Weird and amazing dream what does it means?

Well in the dream I was a witch/wizard and I was being trained in the art of magic by a coven. later in the dream I met up with this vampire girl named Eve who wanted me to go with her to somewhere. I chose to go with her. soon in the dream the Coven I was with found out I was missing and went to looked for me. and must had thought that Eve kidnapped me because they didn't know what happen to me. I shown Eve so pictures I drew and she seem to like them for some reason. Oh yeah I also learned some new spells in the dream which seem to be easy even for me to used. in the dream Eve kind of missed me. and we may had Lay on the ground close together. in the dream the magic was kind of a rip off from magic in Fantasy books and on TV. So it wasn't like magic in real life. In the dream I was in this coven full of Witches. they was training me to used magic. I went to this awesome house and everything. So what do you think? know what the dream means? please no rude or mean comments, I know it's a dream and I know it have to mean something otherwise I wouldn't had have it right? So please give a reasonable answer that wouldn't be insulting okay. So what do this dream mean got any ideas?

It's all personal experience that you are so concentrated on, it is now manifesting into dreams. You've begun studying paganism and witchcraft, you seem so sure that a ghost called Eve is trying to communicate with you, and it's no wonder that your subconscious is now causing it all to appear in dreams.

Is this all about that ghost you told me about, Eve? Are you falling in love with her, or just the idea of beong in love? She's a ghost and you can't be together, move your life along.

Not all dreams mean something. Some just happen based on your day or on previous days.

My brother had a dream like that only he had magical armor.

Sounds like you may have secret magical powers.

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