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Weird Dream Meaning?

I forgot how it starts but it starts something like I was playing on the computer but then some bad people came and instead of running I actually attacked and instead of getting hurt I actually won the fight,which is so unlike me because I would usually in dreams get scared and run away as fast as possible.Then I was like broke or something,I saw a lady she was looking for a friend or something then I saw that there was a woman that looks like Renee Zellweger but never mind that but I saw that there was some people around her and I saw them teleporting and her shirt glowed red so I actually knew something was up and that lady knows too I think so she turned so fat and weird and ugly,then I ran since she is chasing me then I was running to a hotel then when I went there,there was a lady asking me which room I would like then a moment later I was like going to somewhere then the fat lady was there and grinned then I saw that lady in the hotel and she was holding a picture of a weird kind of feet with three fingers/toes that are really long and me and someone went to the elevator then it was like a movie I saw that the fat lady thinking of appearing when the elevator goes to the floor I wanted it to go to then she really appears but usually I would still be shocked and scared but no I attacked again.I ran to a hotel room and that someone tricked her and the room actually has a few people in there.ANd I forgot some part of the dream.

What does it mean?I usually won't even try to attack just scream and run.

Dreams are a product of your subconscious mind trying to separate things into different categories.
The only time ive ever talked in my sleep was one single sentance.
*No mom, dont put any butter on my bike!*
This dream i think was a mixture between breakfast and riding my bike. Later that morning my family had bacon eggs and toast... with butter.

beleive it or not kid, im a dream reader. It sounds to me like your a 4-p5 dreamer. Do me a favor before you sleep, dont think so hard, or fall asleep thinking. let the sleep takeover. If the dream was very vivid, it means a lot, and if its not so vivid, its garbage. take some sleeping pills, or go to bed relaxed, and let your mind be blank, and as for the dream, if it wasnt vivid, it wasnt a more focused product of the subconcsious, meaning its nothing to worry about

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