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Wha did these dreams mean?

when i was little i had this weird dream!
it was a lunch room with people eating around me..
when the time struck 12:00 (lunch) we all hid under the tables..
the bad guy (scary kiler or something) would look around searching for us...
the thing was when i was little everyonce ina while i had this dream...but it got longer each time...
till one day i had it agai and what happened is i pocked my head out from under the table to see if he was gone when he stood there i remember looking up and saw a face that was slurred in black so i didnt see a face...
that was the last time i ever had that dream...

what does it mean?
ive been wondering my hole life...

sounds like Twilight. Obscurity. Trickery. Disillusionment. Danger. Error. caution. Warning. Ulterior motives. Insincerity. False friends. Selfishness. Double dealing. Craftiness. False pretenses. Disgrace. Slander. Liability. Superficiality. Unknown enemies. The meaning of many divergent influences. Falling into a trap. Being misled.
The card at the lower right represents the second false path that may lead you astray. Page of Wands: A faithful and loyal person. An envoy. Emissary. Trusted friend. A stranger with good intentions. A consistent person. A bearer of important news.
The card at the top represents one possible mask of your true destination. The Fool: Beginning of adventure. Enthusiasm. New opportunities beckon. Unlimited possibilities. Pleasure. Passion. Rashness. Obsession. Mania. Folly. Thoughtlessness. Lack of discipline. Immaturity. Frivolity. Delirium. Spontaneity. Levity. Unrestrained excess. Infatuation. Indiscretion. Tendency to start a project without carefully considering all the details. Reluctance to listen to advice.

could mean you ate and 12 was late so you had to go to bed and the mean monster were wich ever one of your parents sent you to bed.
the time number 12 could mean something 12days, years, who knows or even a good or badluck number
hiding means your not confronting your problems
and if you hide and you actually confront the problem like in your second dream it means you will confront some hard things soon and it might not be good in the end, but eventually it will past.

thats all i got hope it helps a bit hun.

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