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What can dreams of injury mean?

My daughter dreamed that her 2-year-old daughter was unconscious and having seizures after she either fell or was dropped. Her grandfather, my husband, seemed not to care. (He definitely would care. Our granddaughter is the proverbial apple of his eye.) The next night, my daughter dreamed that her husband was beaten badly -- broken ribs, etc. while doing a job in the city. (They live in a small town and come to the city only for business or to visit us.) My daughter says both dreams were terrifying and woke her up.

One thing I might like to reassure you about: dreaming that your husband didn't care about his granddaughter I think would mean that your husband trusts your daughter to handle your granddaughter's issues on her own. So I think that bad as that sounds, it is actually a positive element.

It is of course tempting to say that the dreams are warning your daughter about several eventualities. That may be what is happening, so it would probably be a good idea for her and her husband to be extra vigilant for a while. I can't really tell otherwise what the dropping of your granddaughter would mean unless it might be something like your daughter fearing she has dropped the ball, so to speak, on something. Overall, though, sad as it is, it is possible that the dream is warning her that the family should not visit you too much right now, not because of anything you and your husband have done or not done but because there is something about your area that is scaring her deep down. This means that she might be subconsciously processing cues that she would not notice consciously.

In my view, this is very important and she must take this seriously. She could be psychic. But she could also be reading something in the environment without being aware of it. I will point you to The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker. It is a rather depressing read, but it might help a lot in terms of making good choices for her and everyone in the family. Basically, de Becker says that you should take your intuitions very seriously because they are coming from something you've noticed and an analysis you've made subconsciously. There might also be something surrounding the business that your daughter and her husband conduct in the city that is scaring her. But whatever the situation, the dreams could be a gift putting her on her toes in a way that could avert disaster.

Could your daughter be having physical problems? Possibly something that she had as a child and you all learned to take it in stride? And it could now be recurring? I'm thinking some type of allergy or a mild form of asthma, or something similar. That could explain why she dreamed of a child (early onset) the apparent indifference (became normal for you all) and then an adult. She could be having an early warning system within herself.

It could mean that someone or something is nearing its end..well, theoretically.

Some dreams makes sense... I have some dreams that happen in real life... But these dreams! I don't believe that they would happen but please ask your daughter to make sure that their daughter is in good health, so does your husband... You daughter is sacred, try to stay with her for a couple of nights... I think that she's very worried from the first days dream, that she had a dad dream the next day...

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