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What can this dream mean?

The other night, I experienced a nightmare that woke me up in the middle of the night shaking with my adrenaline pumping.

Now, I've had this nightmare at least two times before since I was 8, and it's never really got to me until now when I've had it for the third time.

Basically, what happens is in the nightmare, I wake up in the middle of the night in my room to a tapping noise on my window. For some reason, I draw open the curtains and i'm always faced with a guy trying to break into my window with this EVIL smile on his face.

I'm not talking cliche-cartoon-villian evil smile, I'm talking evil, sadistic scary smile. Enough to send chills down your spine.

I want to know why I keep having this nightmare, or what it means. I mean, sure it's not recurrent every day, but one time is enough and I'm tired of having it.

If anybody can help or lead me to a place where they distinguish dreams, it will be most appreciated.

This is just throwing an idea out there. When you hear the tapping at your window and you look out and see the evil smile, I would think something that you are doing or not doing is sub consciencely bothering you, and you need to face it to stop it or get rid of it out of your life.
Maybe it is a warning about someone close to you that is not being a positive influence on you. Trying to get you to do something that scares you.
Dreams are warnings of our minds deep thoughts. Get a book from your library on dreams and see what the certain aspects of the dream mean. Dissect it, what color are the curtains, your room, is the window dirty or clean, is the face familiar to anyone you know, do you hear any background noise. write it down in as detail as you can.
Also, when you have these dreams, have you had a big dinner the night before, fever, spicy foods, stress can cause the mind to play strange tricks. Watching certain types of movies or shows on tv can trigger a certain memory. Just do some dream journaling and see what happens. Good luck...sweet dreams to you.

The best way to stop nightmares is to cut off the source. This guy seems like he's from a film or something, as you probably don't know anyone like that!

Either that or you feel like your not safe in the room you sleep in. Try sleeping somewhere else for a few days. If u have the nightmare again, then it's nothing to do with feeling unsafe.

well i know i used to always have a dream every other night where my house would be on fire in the middle of the night coming from the closet in my bedroom. After a while, the dream was real so i knew exactally what to do and not do.
I did a lot of research when i was haveing the dreams and the way to get rid of them is this.
Keep a jernal next to your bed. Before you go to bed, write in it what you would like to dream about for that night. When your done writing and your laying down, imagine the dream and what is going on it the dream.
You wont always have have that dream but you wont ever have the bad dream again.

i had this problem my dream resembled, i woke up in the middle of the night to jason in the window. i tried to fix it- almost. i went to acounselor and talked to him. he said i can control my nightmare. i did that right b4 i went to bed i just thought of me laying in my bed with an ak47 under my covers then i saw in my nightmare me shooting the sh1t outta jason. try it. i also had my adrenaline pumping when i woke up in the middle of the night. just try what i told you.

The fact that you have now told people about it, says to me that you will not have it anymore. So... Dream on.

u might be stressed or hey think of sumthing happy. i dont exactly know whats it mean but maybe some expriences...?

Stop eating pork grinds before bed, or you need to stop watching scary movies.

what are you a 3 year old?

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