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What can this dream mean?

i have had this dream multiple times throughout my life so far and it has become more frequent.

it starts out with me in a large marble/pearl staircase like a grand ballroom. and i am with my parents and one other person who always is different. then we buy a movie ticket from one of those automatic fortune teller boxes. we go up the staircase that turns blue as we ascend. it then leads to a red hallway with a door at each end. we enter the door on the right, and crawl through a small orange tunnel that gets smaller and smaller as we travel father into it. the we come to a small beat up metal hatch, when we open it we are thrown out the side of the wall into a large bowl. but to fall into the bwl we have to fall of the hatch through a giant blender and not be sliced to death. then the bowl carries us to a lake made of what looks to be blood. it gets deeper and deeper as we swim across, and dark jungle trees surround the lake so we cannot see what lurks around us. once we make it across the eerie lake, we must run down a rickity old dock made of several layers including salty ladders waiting to snap. then a creature with the skeleton of a human and the skull of a bull holding a long staff like dagger begins to chase us. if we make it to a safe golden dock, at the very bottom of the rickity dock layers, he cannot get us. but as we run i am behind everyone else and as they descend the last ladder to the safe dock, as i am climbing down that last ladder, it snaps and i am almost dropped to my death but i stay alive and drop down to the safe dock. then the bull skeleton guy looks at me for a while then turns and leaves. the safe dock connects to a small sandy shoal ad we walk across it to the other end of it where we exit out a large ornate gray door.

This dream, to me, speaks to life as an obstacle course. It is an intense and deeply symbolic dream.

It starts out great, almost as if you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth or privileged, as you start out on the marble/pearl staircase. That speaks to wealth and "grand" nature. However, you buy a movie ticket (life can be a like a movie sometimes - is yours a romance? adventure? scary movie?) from a "fortune teller" box, indicating that your intuition knows you are in for a rough ride.

Now, the dream is still good as you "ascend" the staircase - going up indicates higher aspirations and gains. It is blue which indicates good communication and healing. It is when you go down the red hallway (red is the sign of earthly emotions, such as anger and passion) and you enter the door to the right and "crawl." That is a regressive action, as babies crawl. That's when things get very hazardous and arduous. I don't have to go into all the symbols, although I will say life is often like a jungle, and water is the symbol for emotions, and both are "dark" and "eerie." So things get turbulent in your life.

Like any good carny ride, you get to exit. A sandy shoal is like a oasis of safety. You exit out a large ornate gray door. Gray is a very benign color, almost as if you are now more objective in life, more peaceful, more sedate because of all the obstacles you and your family has had to endure.

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