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What could these dreams mean?

I had a couple of really strange dreams last night. I don't usually wonder about the meaning of dreams, but I'm going away overseas today, and I'm wondering if they just might be a symptom of that. I'm visiting my best friend from junior high, whom I haven't seen in two years.
The first one was in a parking lot, by the Robins Dough nuts in my town. There was a plot of earth, like a garden, but I knew that it was a bad thing, for some reason. I walked by and looked at it anyway, and lying half out of the dirt was a palm with all the fingers cut off. Everything was grey and quiet and eerie, there was a bus with windows smashed out in the distance.
The next one, I was driving on my street up from my house. The speed limit's 70, so I was doing that, in my own car. Then a girl with sunglasses and a cellphone and purse, and all kinds of makeup and brand-name clothes (the kind of person I aspire NOT to be) walked across in front of my car. I swerved and hit the brakes and stopped just beside her. I was shocked, to see a person just walking across this street. It's practically a highway. She gave me this dirty look and walked away. I backed up to straighten out, but when I tried to go forwards again, my wheels were locked sideways and I just kept swerving where I had gone to avoid her.
Now that I'm spelling this out I see what stuff might be related to, but I'd still like someones opinion on the symbolism.

I'll start with the second dream first as that one seems a lot more straightforward to me then the first one.

Driving along in a car represents movement and acceleration, as if your moving along a path of your choosing. The girl walking in front of your car blocks your path. She's very trendy, kind of a representation of the image that is pushed upon us by society. As in the rest of the world is saying 'this is who you're supposed to be'. Once your path has been interrupted by this, you just can't seem to get back on track again. In other words, you have a path that you would like to follow but you're being blocked by outside expectations of you.

The first dream stumps me a little. To me it sounds like something from a zombie movie. Apocalyptic type images usually represent the end of something. The familiar setting probably means that this something that is ending is something close to you, something that affects you directly. Gardens usually represent new life but when you saw it you felt it was a bad thing. So somethings ending in your life and there's a new beginning that fills you with a sense of dread. Hands represent our ability to do things, to take action. So the hand with the missing fingers protruding out of this garden represents a handicap to you. Basically the dream is about things changing beyond your control and your inability to do anything about it.

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