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What Could This Dream Possibly Mean, happy and scary at the same time?

Last night i had a dream that was set in a silent hill type town. Well, in this dream, it involved one of my random male friends. Say his name is Rob. In real life, Rob will do anything for me (cuz thats what friends are for after all) seriously, he will go out of his way to do anything for me! But we're just friends and i dont think im his type anyway...

Well, in this dream, I lived in a wooden cabin type house in silent hill fog world, (google it, if you dont know what silent hill is) and i lived there like some sort of church convent where there were all these other families.. Well, in this dream, Rob had invited me somewhere, and as friends we hung out, but then it got more serious in a matter of seconds, In a matter of seconds, he attempted to hold my hand, and i was really reluctant at first, but then i gave into it. So we spent time in the dream like...lovers? and it's weird because in real life its definitely not like that at all, he even offered to buy me a sweater that said "Norway" on it. Now, in real life, he had offered to pay for my lunch one time when i didn't have any money, i've been broke lately, and plus i have this thing for the country of Norway, i don't know why, and there's a song that i love on my ipod called "Norway" by Beach House (google that too, it fits the mood of the dream) and it was weird.
Anyways in the dream, we stayed out all day, and knowing that i was deifying all rules made it better. When i got back to the cabin/convent place, my family questioned me about where i was all day and i forgot what i told them, so throughout the dream it was just calming and really euphoric, even when near the end it started to turn into the "otherworld" version of silent hill, demons came out of the walls and monsters came out of the mist that surrounded the town, oddly, while i was running for my life, scared, i was still in a euphoric state of mind.

When i woke up, i was shocked that it was a dream, and kinda bummed that i didn't get to keep that "norway" sweater. :S

But i swear i saw that dude like 5 times today. Odd.

What could this dream REALLY mean? it seems like it would have some symbolism in it.

you have a thing for rob but you won't admit it. and the monsters are me trying to steal that Norway sweater because i like Norway too. seriously,where can i buy one?

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