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What could this horrible dream mean?

A few weeks ago I had a dream that I don't think I'll ever forget. It probably doesn't sound that bad but it just made me feel so terrible that I couldn't sleep for a long time afterwards.

I was in a car in Florida, sitting in the back seat with my boyfriend and his mum was in the front (we're going there in Summer) but the car stopped and my boyfriend got out to go and lift something off a tree that he had seen. It was a long, black, shiny, evil-looking, giant millipede and he knows that I HATE stuff like that so he threw it in the car at me. That was bad enough but this thing scuttled in behind my back and started biting in to me. I started screaming and crying in agony but my boyfriend just stood outside the car, looking in laughing at me. This big ugly thing was actually like burrowing a hole into my back now and the most horrible thing was that I had a horrible dull pain in my tummy as if I could actually feel this happening, making it so, so real. It was just going right deep inside my back and I was trying to show my boyfriend but he stood there laughing and was oddly joined by this guy from some of my classes who I used to be friends with but don't really know now. They just stood there laughing while I squirmed in agony and FINALLY woke up! I couldn't lie down in bed for an hour my back felt so horrible. It wasn't painful anymore but the dream had just made me feel so uncomfortable.

I forget most of my dreams so because this was so vivid and weird I think there might be some meaning to it possibly. Thanks for your help in advance. :)

It probably means something is bothering you or you are afraid of something. Is there anything stressing you out lately? If there is something that you are stressing about, that could explain it. I had a dream just like this, except it was with a house full of snakes. A rattlesnake bit me a couple times and I was really scared but thankfully my mom woke me up. I figured out that that dream was because of an oral report I was stressing about that I had to do in a couple days. I hope this helped:)

I'm sorry for this but the meaning might mean he might cheat on your or he will leave u cause it's about your boyfriend so you doing that might mean that for some reason you don't trust him and your afraid to get hurt and i'm sorry if this offends you

not sure, but try not to eat anything that will bring on any more dreams. eg. cheese, milk, coffee, etc. and try watching something funny before going to bed...

i try to go to sleep happy and wake up happy

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