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What could this odd dream mean?

I had a dream it was odd and somewhat sexual. In the dream I was at this guys house talking with him (in real life I found him on Facebook) about a girl I like and he had a model railroad layout (he does that stuff too) and the odd sexual part was when I saw a toy battery powered train he was running I told him (we both have navel fetishes) about the girl I like where I tickled her navel and her belly a little bit, and from what I remember she laughed and said it tickled and I told him what I did and about her reaction and he just laughed and said "I bet it did". Btw we weren't gay because I only found his fb page by accident and he has a fetish for female navels just like me. What could this odd dream mean?

To me, your dream just suggests some wishful thinking where you and the guy could be together and more fully discuss your mutual attraction to female navels. Just a stronger experience of the fun you get from your online discussion, I think. If the part about tickling her was only part of the dream, then, that was some wishful thinking too, possibly including wanting to be more experienced than your fb friend.

Hope this is helpful for you! :-)

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