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What Did My Dream Mean?

What happened in my dream was, I was laid in bed (not my bed, I was in a weird room) just about to fall asleep, and I could feel someone staring at me. I looked over at the window and there was a thin man staring at me, wearing something like the dark brotherhood armour in Skyrim, but it was blue. He smashed the window open and came in, and I just screamed for my mum. My mum, step dad, sister and brother came in smiling, and my mum just said to the person 'Do it. I'll pay you after and the man replied with a grim smile 'Are you sure your kids want to watch? This is gonna be brutal,' and my mum replied 'Of course. We've been waiting for this moment for years.' They all laughed, except for me, and I was sat in bed crying. The man pushed me down, clamped me onto the bed with his legs, shoved his thumb into the bottom of my eyelid and popped out my eyeball, then twisted it round so I could watch myself die. He then cut my wrists, and continued to torture me slowly, and then I died so I woke up. I woke up in tears, it scared the crap out of me. Any ideas?

How old are you if you are bellow 18 it explains it because skyrim is rated for 18 because of the gore and demons...

Your dream means that you are scared of this figure... This figure might be your greates fear so keep a empty note book and pen write down EVERY dream you will notice a pattern. If you dream about this again you should try and find out what is this thing.

P.S You control your dream so try and build anger againts it this can make it vanish completely...

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