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What did my dream mean?

The dream started when I was in a building surrounding by police who were just walking around. One officer kept trying to grab me by my arms and hands. For some reason my gut told me to get away, I feared him. Other officers pulled me away and me onto an elevator where the other officer that I feared (now dressed in winter coat and hat with ear flaps) forced himself onto elevator. He smiled as he took my arm and pinned it behind my back and pulled another officers' gun from his holster. He told the officers they were going to kill me and cut me to pieces. One officer reached his hand to help me and the officer who had me pinned from out of nowhere has a machete type knife in his han and chops the other cops' fingers off. I made myself wake up.

I know studies say you dream what is in your mind, and what you eat can cause dreams. I eat a bowl ok Special K with 1/2 Banana every night (to stay healthy, go figure).

When I woke myself up I felt fear and checked on my family and made sure all doors were locked.

Any ideas on what this means? (besides go back to eating chocolate and forget Special K lol)

This has nothing to do with what you eat. Police are usually a sign that you will do something that is taboo. Being in an elevator refers to feelings of being on a high. This high can be caused by sexual means. Being threatened to be cut up points to feelings of being 'cut up' due to taboo sexual activity.

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