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What did this dream mean?

In my dream a guy has his arms wrapped around me and all of a sudden he kisses me hard and passionately. I get freaked and pull back and give him a look that says "calm down or I'm leaving" he waits anxiously with an animalistic look on his face and I lean in again and we start to kiss but he's way too into it and I try to pull away but the more I try to pull away, the tighter he holds me and I can't escape him, he will NOT let me go no matter what. It was so freaky! Like I was gonna get raped!

What did this dream mean?

Have you been overwhelmed lately? This dream may mean that you are being pushed into doing something you don't want to do, or that you are doing too much and just want to get away. You feel as if you just can't get away, but you want to.

Are you having problems with someone? A guy who wants to be with you, maybe even someone whose been harassing you? This dream may be a warning. It might not even be a warning about a guy, maybe a friend has been bothering you lately, or someone else.

My advice would be to clear your mind, don't worry too much about your dream, its just your mind trying to interpret your life. :) Hope this helps!

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