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What did this dream mean?

A few days ago I had a dream that my cat was sitting at the top of the stairs crying and when I went up one of his ribs was sticking out of his side and my mum said "Oh, he's gonna die." and then i just stayed with him and pet him until he died. I had that dream twice but my cat is only like 7 years old . So do you think he's going to die or is my imagination just weird?

Dreams occur as your brain transfers and stores information that was received throughout the day.
You could have heard (either consciously or subconsciously) about ribs, fractured bones, or death. Also, because you see your cat everyday, it's likely you'll be dreaming about him. As all of this information was being stored and transferred, you got well a not so positive dream. Whether or not it's a prediction of the future, I do not know. Yet, even though it is highly unlikely and superstitious, it is possible.

I dreamed that I had sex with Michael Jackson.

Moral of the story- your dreams dont predict the future.

Your cat is fine.

I've heard before that when you dream about someone dying, it actually means that they will live for a very long time.

It just a dream, so relax! Don't get too serious on this!

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