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What did this dream mean?

When I was 5 years old I dreamt I lived in an old fashioned cobbled type street, and by dad was a baker (I actually lived in a city and he worked in an office so I don't know where I got that from)
In my dream I saw a strange man selling bread for a penny, so I bought some and ate it. The bread turned me into a little green creature and I went away and hid for many years. When I turned back into me, I went back to my Dad's bakery and there were loads of kids there. I shouted for my Dad, but he didn't recognise me, he had forgotten about me.
It was very vivid and still is now I'm 22.

I am not sure of the meaning but it would make a great fairy tale! You could right it as a child's book? It might have been a fear of strangers taught to you by parents, since your dad was a baker and you brought bread from someone else.


Please forgive me if I get this way off beam. Yo0u are the expert on your life and dreams, and I'm only guessing from what you have written.

Did your dad spend long hours at the office? If so, perhaps you felt neglected. In your dream, your "father" has a steady paced life - bakers follow a routine - and may have represented someone who could give you some of the time your waking father couldn't. A baker father would be out in the small hours while his children slept, back as they prepared for school & waking from sleep when they came home again.

Your meeting with the bread seller sounds like a cross between Aladin (new lamps for old) and the poisoned apple of Snow White, stories you would already have been familiar with aged five. Green was a colour associated with aliens seventeen years ago. Perhaps you were feeling alienated from dad, who I'm sure loved you dearly but was preoccupied with business.

If that rings no bells, I'm sorry. What I will say, just in case it does, is that your feelings that led to the dream were very powerful. So much they are still with you to a degree. That little girl you were was no alien, just someone who wanted her daddys time. You are an adult now. If you want to spend some time with your dad, assuming he is still alive, then what's to stop you? I bet his life has slowed a pace by now.

Be blessed and please accept my Good Wishes.

you were probably dreaming about sometime between late 1600's to late 1800's your father(judging by the cobbled street) was a baker which was a decent paying job (i am guessing that your father who worked in an office also had a decent to hi paying job). you also dreamed that you were a little green creature and your father didn't recognize you, so you were imagining what life would be like if your father didn't know you.

I agree with Kimberlee A. sounds a lot like past life dream. It's incredible you had one at such a young age & can still remember.
I didn't start having these kinds of dreams until I was an adult. Good for you!

Sounds to me like a bit of "Past life memory" seeping into your sub-concious. Of course he woul dnot recognize you in the end as you had probably moved on at this point. You misuderstood his not recognizing you for not being able to acknowledge you... for you were not really there any more you must have died.

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