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What do beetles mean in a dream?

they were longish not round and fat. and they were black golden yellow. they were on my floor and i was trying to kill them... 4 or 5 of them. well, thanks for your help.

Apparently, in many cultures around the world, few but the ancient Egyptians are known to use a beetle of the 'scarab' family as a very important role for their pharaohs. They're to signify hope and assurance for an everlasting eternal life in the netherworld. But unlike what you mentioned in your dreams, they could be more likely to be wasps or hornets. If that's the case, do take care!

According to the dream interpretations dictionary:


To see a beetle in your dream, indicates that some destructive influences may be at work in your waking life. You may also feel that your values and beliefs are being compromised. If you dream that beetles are crawling all over you, then it indicates that a lot of minor issues are bugging you."

I don't really buy into it, but if you are looking for meaning, here you go.

It means you hate the band the beatles lol

signifies negative interferences in ones life.

You have a thing for bugs.

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