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What do black cats and dogs attacking in dreams mean?

I have had 3 different dreams in the last few days about this and I am trying to figure out what it could mean. The first one I dreamed I was smoking in my garage like I normally do. It was night time and the door was open. A black cat came in and I crouched down to greet it and it started clawing and biting my arms. The next one happened last night and it was a black dog. Not sure where I was or what time. It was biting me on the left arm right around the wrist. After that I dreamed I was in my room watching myself sleep and there was a completely black shadow person sitting on me. He took a pillow then started to suffocate me and then I woke up. Any clues?

Smoking is the key to the dream.

Black cats, black dogs, a black figure suffocating you.

Need I say more?

Although you ignore it in waking life, in your subconscious, you are worried about dying from lung cancer or other smoking-related complications.

Take this as a warning and, with the support of family and friends, kick the habit.

Good luck!

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